1933 … A Mayoral Candidate Flowers

This is the entrance to 525 7th Avenue.

The building, with Egyptian-style ornaments, houses many showrooms and offices of firms in the garment industry. It has for many years, as this story shows …

In 1933 a feisty, excitable, determined, round little man with a great heart was running for mayor. For the third time. He’d lost the earlier races. Did I mention he was determined? On November 3 the candidate spoke at a “luncheon of the Fusion Cloak, Suit and Dress Industry Committee” at a restaurant in this building. (“Fusion” may need an explanation. The term refers to a person who is a candidate for political office of more than one party. There also was, back then a City Fusion Party, a coalition of reformers opposed to “Tammany Hall,” the highly corrupt Democratic machine.) This candidate was the nominee of the Republican Party and of the City Fusion Party, too. A fusion-fusion? As he spoke he “was informed that several thousand persons were massed outside and traffic was at a standstill. He walked to the door … and waved to the crowd. A shower of paper came down from the office windows and the people cheered … hundreds leaned from windows … the candidate [then] mounted a truck equipped with loudspeakers … he pledged better working conditions for garment workers.” (The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, November 3, 1933)

The determined candidate, of course, was The Little Flower, Fiorello H. LaGuardia. He won that time. And twice more.

Find it on the Map
525 7th Avenue, New York, NY


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