The Calhoun School

Founded in 1896, Calhoun School opened a new campus in 1975, designed by Costas Machlouzarides. I’ve read two reviews by architectural critics: one snide, the other scathing. I don’t know. As an interested interloper in their world I follow the critics’ arguments, but just think the building is kind of cute, despite the bird-endangering sheets of glass. In 2004/2005 FxFowle completed the four additional floors and green roof. The building reminds me now of a gigantic version of an adorable droid from Star Wars. The expansion won an award, so maybe the architect community likes the building better now?

One of FxFowle’s founders is Bruce Fowle, who has a long record of environmentally and socially responsible design. He is an advocate for bird-safe buildings.

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