Demarest Building on Fifth Ave

A. T. Demarest was a leading carriage-maker and early manufacturer of auto bofies. The building above, at 339 Fifth, was one of his earlier carriage-making shops. He had it built in 1890. It was the first building to have an electric elevator. It was designed by Renwick, Aspinwall & Russell. Among James Renwick’s works are Manhattan’s Grace Episcpal Church and DC’s Smithsonian Institution Building. Oh, and a little building called St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. Some before me noticed the Demarest Building looks like a little Carnegie Hall (below). When it went up, the Demarest Building was across the street from where the Hotel Waldorf was then located. In 1893 the shop caught fire during the night. The noise woke the guests and many watched as the fire raged.

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